Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Today I made...

...a calendar.

My art every day for today would definitely have to be that I forced myself to finish my calendar that I made through cafepress. Actually, it's taken more than a day.

click on the pic for a link to the calendar

It's got all my newer stuff from the past year that I included in my show, etc. I've written here before about how much I loathe cafepress's base price which is so high as to thwart the person who did all the work (me) to make any moola on it. And we all need moola...as we all know. Well this year I noticed that you could buy in bulk from them and save some money. If I buy 15 or more I save money which means I can make more money! So if you buy this calendar from cafepress it will end up costing you about 30.00, but if you buy it from me it will cost you 23.00! I've marked up the cost w/ cafepress exactly the same as I've marked it up with me selling it. The only thing different is I think I can ship it for cheaper than they say they can ship it. So I'm going to try my hand at selling these this way....I'm taking orders for them up until November 15th to give me time to order them and then ship them out before the holiday's. I'm going to email my friends, post it here, post it there, etc. and see if I can get at least fifteen orders. You can pay me by check, money order, or paypal. If you want to buy multiple calendar's I can probably reduce the shipping cost, we'll just have to chat about it and figure it out. So if you're interested, comment here or shoot me a message! You can still buy it from cafepress if you want....but it would be cheaper through me!

Oh, and if you're wondering why I chose to go with cafepress again as opposed to local...I bought both last year and I found that the quality of the cafepress was just nicer. Heavier weight paper and a bit more glossy. Just nicer printing quality. I've also taken care to ensure that hole in the calendar doesn't mar the picture, so technically you could cut out a page and have a nice print to frame too, at the end of the year. Happy Holiday's!


iHanna said...

your calender is lovely - it will be a great gift for friends too in Christmas! I want to make a calendar too and I already have some image picked up! :-)

happy creative november!

Regina said...

Beautiful images on your calendar. I wish you much success.