Monday, November 03, 2008


shadows, originally uploaded by juneblue.

I truly want to try and participate this year in "art every day month". I found it last year, I think, for the first time...and then thought I would try the whole year thing and failed miserably. Well...actually I didn't. I created a lot of art, I just never posted it. I kind of quit blogging in general. I really needed to take a step back from it and breathe, if that makes any sense. I feel ready to get back to doing stuff. We are more settled in our new home, and things seem to be looking up... I need inspiration, and connection, and being isolated out in the country it would seem that the computer is my friend. ;) And so here we go again. Before I felt the strong need to actually create something with glue and paint or what not to qualify it as "art". Today I realize that art is a much looser term than that and that I can be creative in so many more ways. And all of these ways can lead to the creation of things that include paint...and my imagination. And so it is with that thought in mind that I share this photo I took at the beginning of October. I look at it and the first thing I think is "what a great painting this would make!". It probably would...but I don't need to make the painting first for you...I can share the beauty of the photo and drive down the path that way. :)


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carin.c said...

That photo would make a great painting... photos count as art in my book... picking the subject, composing the shot. Very nice... and it would be great to see it as a painting one day in the future. Here's to getting back on the art wagon!