Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Create A Connection~ Box Swap!

I've been reading here and there on Create A Connection for a few months now. I admit I haven't "delved" right in to the whole thing because Melba has done a wonderful job of creating so many things to do over there that I haven't really had time. I barely seem to have time to blog anymore. Or maybe it's just the phases we go through and this has been a "down" time. However, at the beginning of the month when the swap was announced as a "Box" swap, I couldn't resisit trying. It was perfect timing...I've been thinking a lot how much fun it would be to swap something w/ someone out in blogland that I'd never met, as a way to meet a new person. And, a lot of thoughts I've been having about my own art tie in well to this. But, more on that later because I (bows head in shame) haven't sent my box out yet...though it's coming K.B.! I promise! ;) What I do get to share w/ you today is the box I recieved! The way this swap worked you got a name to send a box to, and someone else gets your name. I got super lucky w/ the person who got me! Luzie lives in Germany and I was the lucky recipient of an International package! If you would like to read more about this swap go read here. My box was handmade by dear Elisabeth and then filled chock full of chocolate! German chocolate's mind you! And all kinds! YUMMY! It also had gummi bears, and a teddy bear for H.! And I really loved her idea for a note card! She strung three photo's together of Berlin and wrote on the back of them her note. Too cool! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!


Karen Beth said...

What neat things you got... and from Germany too! Cool!

No worries at all about my CaC box. Like I said before... I'm in no hurry. I will love love LOVE it whenever it arrives!

I don't do all of the exercises at CaC either. Actually, I only do very few of them. I do enjoy reading through it though when I can. It is very inspirational.

And I met you there! Hooray!

Hope your evening is going great!


Karen Beth :)

luzie said...

I'm thrilled to bits that you like it!! :)