Friday, October 30, 2009

MIA but the action never stops...

I have been MIA from this blog for awhile now, haven't I? I think I just got so exhausted from thinking about art and my art show in Garden City that I needed to take a bit of a break from thinking about it all. That fine line between creating and marketing can be a drain, as I'm sure almost any artist/crafter would agree. It causes moments of great angst in me, and also euphoric highs. Just depends on the weather, I guess. The show was a great success for me... it's always a thrill to see your work on a wall in a gallery, and when it's entirely devoted to your work, well that's a wow! It was a small intimate space, beautifully lit, and there were several more people attending the reception than I thought there would be since it was a closing reception. I can't remember why now that I said it would be easier to be there for a closing one instead of an opening one, so I guess that just shows you how the days pass. (This morning my son said to me that he could hardly believe that it was just October 1st the other day and now it was the 30th...) If you ever happen to be in Garden City, Kansas you should consider going and hunting down the Mercer Gallery on the campus of the community college there and checking out whatever the show might be. David Kinder is the painting teacher and the gallery curator, and was quite an interesting artist to talk with. Brian McCallum is the ceramics teacher and director of the art program there, and more importantly an old friend, who is also equally interesting to talk to about art. Just sayin' might be stuck in a snow storm there as I write this. ;) Here are a couple of pictures from the show:

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