Wednesday, September 02, 2009

What's in a name?

In my never ending quest to switch my online presence from being named "juneblue" to being called by my real name...I have changed the blog name of this blog from juneblue to I'm not really sure how that affects things on this followers and what not. But here's hoping it's a smooth transition. As with all things, it will all work out eventually.

When I was a teenager we had a dog (a boxer) named Ms. She would bark at pretty much nothing, all.the.time. If she thought she heard the wind outside the door, she had a bark for that. My dad would often go to the door and open it and say "Why it's June Blue from Kalamazoo!" Meaning there was no one there, of course...and imaginary figure. I thought it had a nice ring to it back when I was trying to be "anonymous" online. Then I started to think more along the lines of "what's the point?". I suppose this realization came as I started talking more and more about my art, and posting it, and trying to sell it.... There seemed to be a confusion there about my name being June or being Miriam. I have always loved my name as well. In part because of who I was named after, and in part because of my deep appreciation for my the family that I came from. It was for this reason that when I got married I chose to keep my maiden name, regardless of the fact that my married name would be a heck of a lot easier to spell and deal with. So to be going around online by a name that I just thought was a cute sort of anonymous name seems silly to me now. I am proud of my life as it has become. I am proud to be an artist. I need to honor who I am by just being that...which means going by my name. Some of you know I've debated this for awhile. I think I've told that story about June Blue a few times... so here's to June Blue from Kalamazoo! And here's to Miriam Climenhaga from Kansas!

(change your settings accordingly! ;) )



Marathon Mom said...

I'm excited to start reading!

TreasuresFromHawaii said...

Amen to being proud of who u r and where u came from...Glad u r happy in your new "changes"...God bless...Dava :D