Friday, September 04, 2009

I want my art to mean something. While it always starts from a moment of color, over time it develops into some sort of symbolic thing to me. I am not always good at articulating what that is, but I am getting better. I have tried to paint what is in front of me...and I just can't do it. Which means I don't want to. Well, let me qualify...I can, I just find it kind of boring to do. I admire realism in others work,'s just not for me. What makes us like this? Why do we see what we see? I had the realization about five minutes ago that most of my current paintings have some sort of theme about death, to them. I will have to describe why in a later post.... I'm just not prepared to do that right now.

However, on the other hand...I was just remembering my dad quoting Archibald MacLeish when I was a child: "A poem should not mean...but be."




Marathon Mom said...

How profound and personal. Thank you for sharing.

ceevee said...

Nice blog. I hope to revisit. Sometimes I think of blogging, but I don't think I have the committment yet. So I'll just read yours!