Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Blah Blah Blah....

Well I have taken the baby step towards trying to start "blogging" again. The first step is to commit to only blogging here. I can't really handle more than one blog, and I don't really want to keep copying the same post to all and so on and so forth. So since I like the look and feel of blogspot I'll just go with this. What this means for this blog is that it might not be all about my art, as originally intended. However, I get the feeling from a lot of what I've read about this oh so fascinating subject, that people find blogs that are only about a persons art to be somewhat boring anyway. Believe me, I think my life is probably way more boring...but you never know. Another thing I want to do "new" is to point out, and feature other artist's that I am seeing around too. That seems like a good way to jump off from being a blog that's "only about me". However, on the opposite side of the stream...I don't really understand blogs that are only that. I mean, at some point you need to share something about yourself? Right? There must be a happy medium. One thing I'd like to share with you right now, about myself, and perhaps get your opinion on if you are reading this...is my name "juneblue" that I came up with awhile back. I came up with that name originally so as to not be using my real name on my blog. This makes me laugh somewhat now. And then it parlayed into being my shop name over on etsy. And then the longer I've been on etsy, the more feedback I've achieved....so I'm somewhat reluctant to chuck the whole name....but I am tired of it. Even though etsy is the cause of why I am tired of it, I am still reluctant to chuck it. I don't even make sense to myself. The reason I don't like it is because, well, it's not my name. It's an inside joke that is only funny to me as to why I selected "juneblue" in the first place, and it has a nice ring to it....but I am bugged by how many people on etsy (and other places) actually seem to think my name is June. (Not that there is anything wrong with the name June) It's not! It's Miriam. I guess I naively thought that people would still take the time to call me by my real name. I don't think I realized how much it might end up bugging me. So do I start over on etsy? Change my shop name, and forget about the feedback? Or do I keep the etsy shop as is, and just change everything else to my real name? Or do I just leave it all and keep it the way it is right now? I have set up a shop on 100omarkets that is just my name...I could move over there all together. Boy, aren't these burning and interesting questions? lol! Oh well...it doesn't matter...welcome to the world of how I blog when the blog is just whatever, and not just about art. ;)

In other news: I'm going to NYC next week for a week! I'm scared and nervous in some ways as I have never been away from Harrison for more than one night. And then it was only an hour and a half away. I am looking forward to going to the MOMA, and seeing two Broadway shows. I'll be hanging out mostly with my best friend from college, but I'm also taking a day trip w/ my brother to visit an aunt I haven't seen since I was 12! That's a long time....should be interesting and a lot of fun!

Given my snails pace at blogging anymore at all...don't count on seeing much of me until after I get back. ;)

Happy Trails!



Alissa said...

I like JuneBlue. And I call you JuneBlue in my head most of the time, even though I know your name is Miriam. I hope you don't mind, but JuneBlue holds a special place in my heart.

Everyone calls me "Jane." I don't mind. I need to script a quick explanation, though, to make that inevitable chore a little easier on myself.

daisies said...

when i went from being daisies to using my real name, darlene .. i actually found the transition pretty easy. my etsy store is still daisies but you can change the banner and everything to read whatever you want and that is what people notice ... so you can keep juneblue but make your name clear if you like :-)

i like juneblue though i always think of you as miriam :-)

have a wonderful time in NYC !! exciting!! i'm going in september and can't wait! xo

Tara Cole said...

I would go ahead and change your shop name on Etsy and post a link at the old page & on the new page refer to it. You could convo people and let them know your shop moved.

faye said...

:) Hi.