Thursday, March 19, 2009


It's been awhile since I've participated in the Inspire Me Thursday challenge. Heck, it's been awhile since I've participated in much of anything really. I have been in a funk, for sure. I've written about some of it already here I guess. But mainly my brain is just feeling scattered and I haven't fully committed to participating in anything. I want to change that....but I feel like I need to turn my body into a blackberry or something. ;) I'll find a "center" one of these days. In the meantime, my kanoodling and doodling and painting usually takes the form of swirls when I feel this way. I both love drawing them over and over, at the same time that they are reflection of my confusion. I wonder how that can be? I drew this recently:

The big bad sun flower is reaching out to the little bitty daisy, I suppose. I like the whimsy of this. It's a colored pencil drawing on a 5"x5" piece of bristol board. Why is it called bristol board? It's paper, damn it! :)

I also finished "decorating" a small moleskine notebook. You know, the kind that have the kraft paper type covers? This is the front cover:

So when I read that the IMT prompt was swirls...I thought well HEY! That's my normal activity!
Here's an older piece that I've not shared...I'd say it's a couple of months old...a self portrait as it were:

I have scoliosis and I suppose this is my interpretation of that.

So I seem to recall I am not "supposed" to post something that isn't created specifically for the my apologies for that if it is true. (But the moleskine is truly the last thing I've done!) I just wanted to get my feet wet again, and as I said before....swirls are such a part of my art that I couldn't resist...

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laurel said...

Beautiful artwork! I love how you incorporated the swirls for the background texture. Lots of people post things they created previously so don't worry about it.