Friday, November 02, 2007


I've never eaten fried green tomatoes. I've never seen the movie, either. As I've grown tomatoes over the Summer, I have a last batch abundance of green tomatoes. I'm thinking I will fry them up to see what it's like. We're having a potluck party tomorrow night to celebrate "Dia De Los Muerto's". But I don't know a soul that has eaten fried green tomatoes either. Or if I do I don't know it. Still. This would be a perfect opportunity to eat them! We'll see. I have enchilada's to make too. Yummy. Been doing nothing but cleaning my house in preparation. Now it's time to go to bed. :)

I'm late this week, but check out more self portraits here.


daisies said...

i've never eaten fried green tomatoes either but now i am sooo wanting too :)

Janet said...

I make fried green tomatoes sometimes; either plain like a red tomato or dipped in egg and breadcrumbs or coarse polenta (cornmeal). Sometimes we make a chutney (relish?) with them too which is really nice with cheese and bread. And then there's the recipe for green tomato relenos (?) from from Moosewood cookbook which I'd like to make again... We tend to get a lot of green tomatos here.

faye said...

OOh, I wish I would have read this earlier...Fried green tomatoes? Soo accompanied by cottage cheese and tomatoes, and maybe some fried okra, too.


I'm missing Manhattan today. I bet the leaves are pretty.