Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge~Patterns~3 1/2

Everyday the patterns are repeated.
I face the world with the same face and let the change happen inside.
I pick up the pen to draw something new. To show you how I feel. To remember what I saw.
It seems that the ink traces the same lines over and over again.
On bad days I think "there is no original thought."
On good days I think "every thought I have is original...because it is mine alone, and no one knows it like I do."

more spc's here.


daisies said...

wow ~ this is fantastic, both the words and your image :) i think you should have more good days :)

acumamakiki said...

how cool.

Melba said...

Wonderful picture and post!

Gilson said...

I like the originality in your picture. I completely relate to your words, the power of expression individual and collective.

platinum blonde said...

these are really cool

faye said...

Wow...I love this interpretation of patterns...I like how the face is transposed haphazardly over your face. I really like this. Is there a reason you chose the two colors that you did? Just curious. Your interpretation of patterns in the words you wrote may have provided the inspiration I needed to do my patterns spc. I just wasn't inspired yet, and didn't want to force it. Isn't that neat the ways we can inspire eachother through our blogs?