Monday, August 20, 2007


So I thought I'd try an art journal. Funny...when I was a "kid" (as in 18-20 or so) I used to carry a journal around w/ me everywhere to write poetry in. I wrote volumes it seemed like, only what would take over the pages most of the time would be my doodling. That doodling would be the window to what would become of me, I can see now in retrospect. So it's a little odd to start a journal w/ the intent of not writing much of anything in it, but trying to convey more through a visual art instead. Perhaps the poetry will come back? I've seen some art journal's around the Internet that people are so kind to share, and then it sort of dawned on me that an art journal didn't actually have to contain any words. Sometimes the thought of words is what holds me back from writing. So I just bought this cheap little sketchbook and I had just drawn a doodle in ink pen for my first page....and then I saw the topic for this week's artwords prompt. I thought it worked perfectly. Just now I filled it all in w/ color using some Derwent pencils. Colored pencils are another thing I rarely work with...but they are interesting! This page to me means the start of telling a story...the page left blank because it hasn't been written yet...the story/words going into thin air once they are spoken...the earth, sky, and life, all funneling into the vortex of life.... These are just a few of the thoughts I was having about the drawing after the fact.

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