Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge~Elements~Earth

The Self Portrait Challenge for the month of July is "Elements". My first thought went to doing one element each week. Especially if I'm to portray the element I relate to the most. I've never been so quick to define myself into just one. I would assume I am supposed to relate to water the most, being a Pisces and all. I certainly have a certain affinity for it. But when the air is thick and summer like, and the sky is open and wide...I feel very much at home. And when the night has cooled a bit and all is dark, I love a fire. I hear songs in the flames and memories dance before me. I am bound to the earth and have discovered a renewed pleasure at drinking in the smells of the country as the soil mixes with the warmth of each new day and life sprouts and grows.

Let me arise and open the gate,
to breathe the wild warm air of the heath,
And to let in Love, and to let out Hate,
And anger at living and scorn of Fate,
To let in Life, and to let out Death.
- Violet Fane

Self Portrait Challenge makes me think. Perhaps you would like to think too? Check more people's take on life here.


Becoming Amethyst said...

that's what i was talking about ~ mud encrusted fingers! another earthy self portrait from a fellow piscean :)

Kim Carney said...

that is wonderful, I can almost smell the dirt right here ;)

daisies said...

i love this and its such a familiar sight : ) my hands are in the dirt so much these days and i am loving loving it!!! wonderful : )

Deb R said...

Wonderful photo series. I especially like that last photo, where your hands are coated in the earth.

hollibobolli said...

What a wonderful, WONDERFUL poem. I've never heard of Violet Fane. I love that.

The pics are great. I love digging in the dirt. But then I'm a freak about getting it out from under my nails.

I miss having my own garden. I can't wait for a permanent home.