Monday, June 25, 2007

SPC Environment #4

I wish I was a hollyhock,
growing to the sky.
Reaching for the clouds,
Reaching for the blue,
Startling the atmosphere
with my beautiful hues...

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P.S. Why can't I figure out the SPC button? I would gladly add it to my site, but whenever I copy and paste it into my site it doesn't show up. Is it me? Or the button? Anyone? Anyone?


hollibobolli said...

How cute are you with your braids? And why can't I braid my own hair???

I love the graceful pose - and you swaying in the midst of the flowers.

I do love Hollyhocks - I always wanted to visit Hollyhock Manor.. or Hollyhock Estate - whatever the big English Garden home is that (I believe) was Lord Hollyhock's and it's all Hollyhocks.

Now that just sounds totally made up to me. Huh?

Lord - I'm tired. I thought I knew what I was talking about.

Kim Carney said...


Anonymous said...

Nice photo - I like what you've done.

There's html code on for the button and then you just go into blogger and then template and add it. You could save the button as an image and then put it on the sidebar using Flickr but it would have the white background and you'd have to change the target to

Good luck!

LC (lucky candice)

faye said...

There is something about the light in that picture that I really love.


daisies said...

super cute you ~ this is so beautiful!!!

i saved the button on my computer and then upload it into each entry ... i'm using wordpress but it might work for you ...