Wednesday, June 13, 2007

SPC~environment #2

My current environment during the day is one of cool, dark rooms. In an effort to save energy and not use the window unit air conditioners that came with the house we are currently opening the windows all up at night and then closing them during the morning when we first get up and the air is cool. Of course, this is Kansas, and at some point there will be no difference in the way the temperature feels during the night versus the day. For now though, it's working. And I've noticed that everything really feels that much cooler if I turn the lights off. I am trying to be cognizant of turning lights off when I'm not in the room, and it's carrying over to just leaving them off even if I am in the room. There is enough light, after all...and we are outside often enough. Today it rained a bit, so that makes everything just that much more greener. I find myself gazing outside often, when I'm in in side. Amazed at the yard that has come with this house. When things are quiet (and they seldom are) and the lights are off, and I'm inside staying cool, it reminds me quite a bit of what the house was like when I was growing up. I guess that was my parent's way, looking back on it. I remember thinking sometimes that the silence was deafening when I was a teenager...I craved a little more action than my parent's were willing to supply I suppose. Now there is an appreciation there for it(the quiet), but a careful understanding to try and let H. feel free to holler that fool head of his off, as he is apt to do. I found this photo expressed how I felt in it's duality. Funny how one thought leads to another.

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