Saturday, June 09, 2007

06072008 pictures 048






R. took the cute pictures of H. this afternoon. He also took some more really cool pics of flower's in this "way" he's been mixin' it up. When he posts them I'll give you a link... (Hmmm, I guess I should check to see if he didn't already post them.) In the meantime I'll just share some I took of the morning glory's and a hollyhock. The mornig glory's are kind of funny to me because that vine they "are" just takes over the whole yard. I find it everywhere, so I started ripping it out in places where it seemed to be strangling other stuff. My mom kept telling me they were morning glory's...and sure enough, two days ago these gorgeous white flowers came forth. And only in the morning...which is so cool. Forgive my enthusiasm...I know nothing about plants or flowers and it's all new to me. Can you remember the last thing that was new to you? It's like being a kid again. Sigh.

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royce said...

that kid is so cute