Tuesday, May 08, 2007

SPC Street Photography #2

I just got my "new" used camera in the mail....and I haven't been to town with it yet...so it's just me and my boy again...but I love him so!


royce said...

great picture.
I love it.

"Mommy, where da ball go?"

M said...

What a sweet picture!

faye said...

Love the pix! I didn't realize (or recall) that you were over here.

How is Manhattan? I miss it so much. I love it here, too, but I love the simplicity of the mid west. Seems closer to God...whoever that is.

We talk about settling down there someday...maybe across from Woodrow Wilson school...We loved it over there....when the kids would kick their ball into our yard. "Hey LaaaaaaDy! Can you throw us our ball Pllllease??"

luzie said...

Lovely picture!

Also, I'm the lucky one chosen to be sending you some CAC happy mail! I'm very excited about the whole swap thing. All I need now is your mailing address! Email me at: elliza[at]gmx[dot]de