Saturday, May 05, 2007

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

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royce said...

So I was sitting here wondering: What is up with what I wear? I don't feel that the way I dress fully reflects who I am. I am more than khaki pants and a golf shirt. I want to look like I am from the fifties, that shit never gets old does it? You can even pick whether you want punk fifties, prep fifties, or geek fifties. You can even do retro 90's version of fifties with tattoos and peircings and dyed black hair. Me I think that the way my wifes dad dressed is the fifties I want to dress in. Crumpled slacks, dress shirt, suitjacket, etc. Oh and then I wondered, why is it people dont get dressed to just hang out anymore. I remember mid20's: Okay black and white rockshirt, and hmmmm.....yes those jeans are perfectly faded. Oh and the chucks gotta rock the chucks. Oh and grab that lime green cardigan, grab a pack of know the ones, the ones that make you buy another pack of less potent cigarettes so you can cut the fancy ones in slowly. (And dammit im not talking about cloves, cloves are annoying unless you were hitting on a chick who thought smoking cloves was the coolest.) Then its party time, clothes perfect for one night or one week....depending on the party....and the people...
So I am going to go take a shower and put a suit on and just sit on the couch and read some Faulkner and smoke a little pipe.

So this is my latest "secret". Whats yours?