Tuesday, March 06, 2007

This is going to be an interesting month for me on SPC. That is if I do it. I dabbled in almost every single one of the links provided and got kind of frustrated along the way. The idea of the texturizer was interesting but then I couldn't ever figure out how to save the picture. It turned out for me that I couldn't figure that same thing out on almost all of them. I generally feel like a pea head when it comes to the computer so this was just adding insult to injury. I came up w/ some fun drawings though! Too bad you can't see them. ;) (If anyone can explain to me how I can leave a photo under the comments on Flickr though....please feel free to tell me! btw) I finally was able to understand and communicate w/ the "hockneyiser". I wasn't all that wow wow wubzy about the polaroids, but I like the "collage" effect. I will say that the whole thing gave me ideas though. I so had an idea w/ the texturizer and an old photo of me and my sister's...and I figured out how I can achieve it to some extent using photoshop and the "hockneyiser"...only then I discovered that my photoshop has been deloaded. We got the 4.0 version but everytime we put it on the computer it somehow takes over the damned thing to the point where we feel we have no choice but to remove it. However, the 2.0 version is now MIA also. R. promises to load up the 4.0 again, but I can tell he's not to thrilled about the prospect. I have a hard time believing it has anything to do w/ the photoshop, but as I've stated...I have the head the size of a pea when it comes to computers. So I'll save the idea about me and my sisters. Besides, I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to retaliate against the sister I'm currently peeved at. I give you a very recent shot of me and H. Hockneyized...ised...whatever... My eye is bulging weird in the photo normally so I figured it good fodder for the Hockneyator. Okay now I'm just having too much fun w/ the word Hockney....


oh yeah, the photo!

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royce said...

like your blog.
nice layout and colors.