Thursday, March 22, 2007


I'm "late" for SPC this week...not that anyone would notice. I used the morph link which was mildly entertaining...but I wanted something "more" w/ it, just as I seem to want something more w/ all the online tools provided. So I photoshopped my photo w/ some filters and whatnot first and then morphed it w/ the "Mucha" choice. This whole series this month is only seeming to serve to remind me that I have no time to do this stuff. Sitting and concentrating on my new photoshop that I know nothing about, trying to figure out how to save these "doodles"....(someone please help me figure out how to save "the scribbler" when I'm done). It's all been a big lesson in time management for me because for some reason it just doesn't come easy. And then I start thinking about how I should spend this time doing stuff like my painting, or the cards I want to start making, or spending this time w/ H. (Okay, I do need to not classify H. into the same category because fooling around on the computer is my "down time" as far as that goes.)
Or,, time for coffee. I just did this now because I have the moment and I hadn't succeeded since Tuesday w/ doing it.

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hollibobolli said...

This is nice - it's one of the best morph pictures I've seen. Some of them have literally been the stuff of nightmares!! This one is lovely and the colors are great - like a swirly rainbow marble.

The computer is like a black hole for me. I have to just step away, ma'am.