Wednesday, January 03, 2007


My New Year Resolution # 1 is to paint. Not to paint more. Not to paint less. Just to make sure that I actually do paint. I think in every painting that I do there is a little bit of the self portrait. It can't be helped. Isn't it the same for all other painters or artists? Surely it is. I remember one of my favortite things any art teacher ever told me was that if you found yourself stuck you should always paint a self portrait. One of my sister's thinks that my paintings belong in a museum or gallery, but not in a living room. I don't know. Instinctually I think that is a nice way of saying she doesn't really like my painting's. She claims that isn't the case. But that they are too strong for a living room because of how they make you feel. But isn't that the point? Art makes people feel very different, in very different ways. It is always interesting to see how it affects people. Regardless...I need to paint just to paint for the act of creating. I haven't been, and it is when what was one of the happiest times of my life. It seems like combining it in w/ the other happiest time of my life should be a win win situation. Happy New Year. Everyone!

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gay said...

well i hope that was a compliment if not then i'm with you...that is the point of art and if your painting makes some one feel something then bravo and keep painting! happy new year!