Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I really enjoyed doing the Self Portrait Challenge before I went and got a job. That job has been so depressing for me that I think a lot of stuff sort of shut down for me and things like that got dropped pretty quickly. So did Xanga for that matter. I simply had no time. I suppose it was all a good thing for me because I apparently needed to learn a little balance or something. I'm not sure I'm there yet, but I think I've made some good strives. I thought this month that I would do the Self Portrait Challenge again...I did the first week. I admit, it was sort of a cheating attempt. But, the topic is resolutions, and creating more is definitely one of my resolutions. Not complaining is another but that one never made it to "paper" so to speak. Though, hey, I could be complaining a lot more to you about how I felt about that job. It never seems like a good idea to do that in a public blog though. So yeah, never really did the SPC thing again this month and now here we are in the last week of resolutions...I thought a couple of weeks ago that one of my BIG resolutions was to spend more time w/ H. Perhaps coming to that thought was what brought me full circle back here to being at home with him. Last week I tried to take some pics of him and me together...anyone w/ a small child knows that putting the two of you in a picture becomes problematical and increases in difficulty if the two is really three or four or so on... But I thought I got some pics that really captured it for me. How I feel about it all. We were laying on our bed upstairs and the sunlight was pretty intense. Since I don't really know what I'm doing w/ a camera, or am too lazy to fiddle w/ it when I'm trying to capture a moment, the photo's came out in various stages of non existing because of the sunlight. The last one actually looks completely black on my computer screen and this was the best I could do to retrieve the image. Too bad, it was a cute one! I love my H. so much....!!!!!! I'm so happy we are so close to being at home together again. It's started, but there's still a few hitches in the road. I agreed to work next week to train the woman replacing me. Maybe that's when I'll "let it all out"? Probably not...some things are better left laid to rest.




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