Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Wishing Tree wrapped canvas...12"x16"


Julie B said...

I really like the texture in this, and how the tree is partly hidden behind. Thanks for inspiring me again today Miriam!

diurnum said...

Hello Miriam,

We have never met, but I was a student of your father's at Culver-Stockton in 1965. He had a tremendous influence on me and I will never forget being in his class. I will never forget his comment to his students on the first day of class. "So, you think you have signed up for a course on CREATIVE WRITING, no you have signed up for a class on Joel Climenhaga. I was going though some old poems that I had written in his class and remembering how wonderful my experience was with your dad. I remember your mom and spending some evenings at their home with other students. I am always late in saying thank you, so I want to say thank you to you, for your parents. You have established yourself in your own right, and your paintings are beautiful. I am now retired, living in northwest Georgia, and eventually will be moving to Virginia.