Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Try some new things...

Trying something new in using some different things to draw on. Hoping to loosen up the limbs about mixed media and such. The first is a page ripped from a very old book about WWI that is falling apart and I'm not sure where I even got it. Now that I write this, I honestly think I have to go see if it's about WWI or WWII. Anyway... I pasted it to another piece of watercolor type paper that I inherited from my dad, and that paper is also ancient, but not falling apart. Rather, it has held up quite well. There's just something about old things that I find inspiring. I've seen a few artists do this type of drawing over text and wanted to try it out. Though always about the images, I found I wasn't so interested in the text as I was the photo. You might click on the drawing to get a better look at the men's faces. Fascinating. The second is the front of a Christmas card I got this year that I thought was rather pretty. It's shinier in person. Funny how the scan makes the embossed image stand out more.

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David Howard said...

Hi Miriam, good to see you experimenting. The collage and text thing is something I like as well, especially some of the better graffiti stuff with stencils. They are both interesting - I think that using this idea you could work them up into larger more substantial works.
The top one potentially has a lot more to say - maybe a theme that could do with researching and expanding. It seems you are eclectic in your styles and interests, which I always find interesting and a positive indication of your art facility.
All the best - David