Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Own Personal Starving Artist Sale!!!

No need to go to some hotel chain in the big city to get yourself and original from a "starving artist". You have landed in the right place, right here. ;) I am offering up for sale some of my older pieces that are on paper. The mediums vary, but they all have the same thing in common...they are unframed works on paper. All are 5o.00 or under....most are under! Prices don't include shipping, but don't worry....it's not all that expensive and we can figure it out together! Be sure to click on a photo to see the art a little more up close and personal...

$30.00 USD
17 1/4" x 13 1/4"
This one is an odd size from a piece of watercolor paper I must have cut myself...but not to worry! It is also the only piece offered here that will come with a free mat! The mat is black and was cut specifically for this piece. What a deal!

In Good Time
$20.00 USD
soft pastel on black paper
This was the first piece I did for the whole Inspire Me Thursday challenge thingamajig.

$20.00 USD
Oil pastel on Bristol
I think I must've been thinking back on my hippie days on this one...

oil pastel on black paper
I have scoliosis & this was just me interpreting that...

$20.00 USD
soft pastel on black paper
12" x 9"
I took all of these pictures by hanging them on a clothes line, but truth be told, this one looks better when you look at this scan of it. It's been hard to photograph this one. The colors are really somewhere in between the way it looks in a photo and the way it looks in the scan.

Space Walking
water soluble oil pastel & ink on bristol
Want to know a secret? My husband doesn't like this one...and I always have. Proof that everyone is entitled to their opinion. ;)

acrylic on gessoed watercolor paper
Don't let the photo fool you...this one is pretty large. It will need to be mailed rolled up in a mailing tube. The thing I like about this one is I can never decide which direction it should go. Try looking at it all four directions... it's fun!

See something you would like to purchase? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email to climenhaga@gmail.com. You can pay via PayPal, or by writing a check. Please respect the fact that no art will be mailed until payment is received. Thank you for your consideration!


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Caio Fernandes said...

good luck ... i liked the last 2 , 3 ones .
no , i can't buy it , i am a real starving artisit .....

see you Mirian