Friday, November 20, 2009

Draw 6

I know this is good for me...but it sure is hard. I had a teacher once who claimed the only way to becoming a great artist was to do a lot of self portraits. I did a lot of them a long time ago, but I haven't done many of them lately. Like I can't remember how long ago it really has been, lately. I noticed I became less interested the more lines I started to see on my face. Which is pretty silly because I don't really have a lot of lines yet. Knock on wood. I think it really just boils down to I find it hard to look at myself that much. Maybe there's some deep psychological reason here...not really sure...but I find it hard to look at my face with the concentration it takes to draw a picture of it. Not only are you critical of yourself because we are just all naturally vain enough to be critical of our appearance, but you become critical of your drawing or artistry. But, that said, I agree with my old teacher. I think there is something timeless, and of the soul, to be found by rendering a portrait of oneself. I can't expect this to be very good today, as I have stated before, my drawing skills are pretty rusty. But I found it fascinating that almost immediately I could remember the basic curve to take here and there. It is my face after all. And I know it better than almost any other.

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