Tuesday, June 09, 2009


So I tried something new the last few days. My friend Mike has opened up a new pet supply store in Lawrence, KS. and he hired me to paint his windows for him. This was a first time enterprise for me. I learned a lot, and feel confident that I could do it again, and even better. I'm pretty happy with my first time effort....I might try to parlay this into a bit of a part time job. Unfortunately, vinyl is really "in" right now, and not many people want to mess with the hand painted look. I am extremely grateful to Mike for wanting me to do this for him! Thanks Mike!

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Kathleen said...

How fun! This looks great =) Just a hint (which you probably already know) but if you add a few drops of dish soap to the tempera paint, it will wash off easier.

Be sure to take lots of pictures *winks* to show all those new customers!