Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I have been a very "creative" person of late. As usual, art ebbs and flows with me...and I am currently in somewhat of a flow. I have the usual million ideas floating around in my head, and steps towards making the things I see are happening slowly. And while they get organized and started I am, what I would call, doodling. Or noodling. I've been concentrating on making Valentines at the moment....one here, one there. Digging up old ones and putting them in my etsy shop. I always seem to enjoy fooling around with hearts. ;) They are not great masterpieces, but they allow me time to think, and to organize my mind, and to play with my son. As I make them, in the month of January, I am going to go ahead and list them in my etsy shop with free shipping. If I sell a few great, if I don't....I will still have given myself the gift of creating them, and I will give them away to friends.
Perhaps today I will spend some time freshening up my art blog here, and all that jazz....perhaps I will not. We'll see.
I want to grasp on to this "spurt" I'm in, because truthfully I have been in nothing but a funk for at least four months.

Valentine on Purple
5x7 card
visit my shop for this listing


KathrynAntyr said...

This is a darling heart. I hope you work through your funk and have fun creating more art.

Alissa said...

I hear ya. Go with the spurts!

Genie Sea said...

YAY for creative spurts! May yours be like an eternal fountain. :)
Gorgeous heart! When I saw it, I thought you might be interested in this :)

Steve Emery said...

I hope you ride this one a long way! I love the colors of the heart and the background - and the placement of the heart in the rectangle. Yeah, my favorite thing is precisely where you put it. It's great there.