Tuesday, March 11, 2008


pacifist, originally uploaded by juneblue.

Some say that peace starts within yourself.
We must change within ourselves first in order for the collective to change.
My first tenet is this.
Do not kill.



Amarettogirl said...

This is a striking and powerful image - I think its wonderful! I wish I could live by the same principle but I have slaughtered way too many mosquitoes, roaches and waterbugs in the past to say the same. I don't so much anymore though - infact I tend to let spiders ourside now. However, if I don't the take the words so literal and think more about valuing life and teaching others to live with respect and integrity for all living things - then maybe I can...anyway enough about me...I loved your portrait and your message!

Janet said...

wow, this is powerful and brave. Great self portrait! (I really liked yours last week too but the flaky connection dropped out befiore I could say so).