Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am a Mommy!

The selfportraitchallenge for this month is "Political". I, for one, love the idea of this theme. I don't know how successful I'll be with it...but I have several ideas rolling around about it. It's Wednesday so I'm slightly late on posting this (as most get it done by Tuesday)...but I have to giggle about how many people have posted so far on SPC for this...not many. I can see why this would be a difficult theme to follow. However, much of what people have put out there so far is nothing short of brilliant and I encourage you to go have a look.

I'm going to start with Motherhood/Housewife/StayAtHomeMom...what would you like to call it? Don't think that's political? I don't know...seems to me like it is. This country went through a hell of a time to get women to be "equal" to men. I think they always's just none of the men thought so. At least back in the day. But times have changed. Right? I mean, now what a women is supposed to do is do everything that she was doing before and have a full time career. Of course, the definition of career seems to be being defined by society also, instead of by the individual. It seems like the individual should have more voice in that decision. It is their life after all. Well, this individual, when faced with that decision....didn't bite. I chose to stay home so I could actually see my little boy grow up. I chose to "be broke" because the alternative was worse to me. Now don't think I am coming down on people who don't make that same decision. I'm not. The decision of whether to take on the full time role of Mom the way it "used to be" or being a career working mom is strictly an individual and personal choice. But I do feel that the way our society has changed has made that decision a hard one to make. As a matter of matter how strongly I feel on the subject personally, I will probably be forced to go back to work in some capacity when my husband graduates from grad school, just in order to make ends meet. A decision I am dreading because I would very much like to stand up to my principle of living my life the way that I feel is best for my son first. But who knows, perhaps by standing behind my principle, I will find a way even when it seems a way doesn't exist.

I wanted to take a picture to reflect that I was a full time mom, caregiver, housecleaner. (I'm also a full time artist...but that's another post...) However, I found it harder to do in real life than what I envisioned. I envisioned an "American Gothic" type thing w/ my son. However, the reality is...I do have a son. And, a rambunctious one at that. After a few attempts at different times, this is the best I could do. I think it works though! Perhaps even better than a perfect photo. Because it's the truth. I am always doing laundry it seems, I have to sweep constantly, and I can't hold still or hold H. still because he's too busy moving or moving me. It's a stop and start life with many irritations, and many more rewards.

I wouldn't have it any other way.



Vanessa said...

great post!
and all three photos are cool.

Amarettogirl said...

Great Mom Pics!

tic@ said...

I am a stay-at-home mummmy too, and I can say that it is a political topic, because we are this invisible part of women who have chosen to act for their families, without any sign of gratitude or payement, except love and comfort. See you soon on SPT!

daisies said...

wonderful photos :) i consider myself lucky that i got to stay home with my son for many years (he's now 13) though had my twins survived, my husband was looking forward to being a stay at home dad (i think he would have been an awesome stay at home dad) ... you and your son are so adorable and how wonderful that you get to make that choice :) xo