Monday, January 21, 2008


I am so excited! I've been chosen to be the featured ACEO artist on the front webpage of the website !!!!
They have posted three of my ACEO's that I had posted on my Facebook account (yeah, I've got one of those too...) and that you might remember me posting previously here as well. And, the photo's all link to my etsy shop, which is exciting too.
Mainly, I'm just thrilled to be featured in such a fashion!
It's good inspiration to go finish some ACEO's I started before Christmas that I just haven't gotten back to. The new one's that I haven't finished are all on little scraps of canvas that I had. I think that may be one reason I like ATC/ACEO's actually...they make good use of small scraps, as well as give me good ideas for larger paintings.

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daisies said...

congratulations on a well deserved feature : ) xox