Wednesday, January 09, 2008


My New Year resolution last year was to paint more. I did that! A first. My new New Year resolution will be to continue with a life creative. Every day.

This month's theme for the Self Portrait Challenge is "Celebration".
I celebrate the fact that I see the world in a different way. Each day.
For more takes on the theme...clickonthislink.
The theme this week for InspireMeThursday is "New Year Resolutions". For more opinions on this theme then....clickonthislink.
For some great inspiration to create every day...clickonthislink.


Leah said...

i love the art here!! i'm especially loving the stars and the red in the lower right. happy creating!!

pattie said...

Beautiful sentiment for yourself...I know the "funk" too...but, if we listen closely it is telling us something! Blessings for a creative NEW YEAR!

Cheryl Finley said...

This is wonderful! Being willing to see life, and yourself through a different lens is life-changing. What a great way to begin this new life-book of 365 new pages. Each page filled with 24 hours to see and live as we decide.
Godspeed to you..enjoy the view!

daisies said...

a super year filled with your beautiful creativity!! it all sounds so exciting :)

this is so beautiful!! xox

turquoise cro said...

Yes! Let's be Creative every day and Celebrate!!! Thanks! for coming over to my little place on the internet!! LOVE your art, very Vibrant!!! and the image of the little gal at the left handed side is SWEET! Is that YOU??!!!

Nicole said...

loving your creativity and artwork. good stuff!

Alissa said...

I laughed when I saw that photo. Love it.

RYC: I decided just to go with my name because I change so often, but I will always be me. So the next time I change, I don't have to start over. That's the plan, anyway. I will blog kid pics protected on Xanga, to be safe.

shannonjyl said...

great post!
happy new year:)