Sunday, November 25, 2007


Perhaps I did not create a specific piece of art for "Gratitude", but I did take some pix of my studio after I was moved to clean it up completely and get it ready for painting in for the winter. Because, I am soooo grateful to have such a great space to create in. It's a dream come true. Yet, when I'm depressed I don't like to go in there, like I don't deserve it. Or when time just gets away from me because my number one priority is taking care of H., my four year old boy. I wanted to fill the space with more love than just brushes, so I hung and arranged many paintings that friends have done over the years that I am lucky enough to own. I still have more I need to display. Every thing's been hiding in boxes. We moved into this home a year ago, and I'm still treating it like I'm just visiting. I am so grateful for this house, this space, my family, my friends that I have known. I see it when I look around here now. It's as if this studio has become the bedroom of my childhood. My space.

I thought this shot was so pretty. However, I went and rehung these paintings all in different spots after I took the photo! In this photo you can clearly see the old yarn wall hanging that Miriam Patchen (The woman I was named after) gave me when I was a child. A painting that is a self portrait of my friend and fellow artist Sean. The painting in the forefront is the one I'm currently working on. The black and white thing leaning against Sean's is by my husband. He's been sewing slipcovers for pillows today...he's awesome!

I lit a wood fire in the stove while I worked! It was lovely.
The big painting was a wedding present from a fellow we knew in Bisbee when we were married. The painting of a woman to the right of that is by my husband. A little Andrew Wyeth for inspiration.

This shelf came with the studio, and is wonderful because it holds almost all of my supplies! You can see the painting Boo gave me on the first shelf a bit.

This is a cropped and fooled with the lighting in photoshop photo of a corner of the studio. I just thought it looked cool!


Anna said...

Great space! Don't feel like you don't deserve it, use it a lot and you will deserve it!

daisies said...

wow ~ your studio is amazing!! i long for a room of my own but our house is just too small so I have little corners all over the place, lol ...

you so deserve it!! i love all your fantastic art :) xox

steve said...

Oooh wow, how inspiring to see this. Yes, a good space can be so crucial. Thanks for sharing!

L.M.Noonan said...

yes, lovely photos of a lovely space.