Thursday, November 15, 2007

Creative Every Day...

I've been trying...I really have! It's just that I'm not much good at handling my time, or staying up past when my four year old goes to sleep! I believe when he is older I will find myself with lots of time to sit and doodle and play and paint....but right now, the sound of "Mama!" or "Moooooommmm!" fills my ears every three minutes and the brush gets put down again. However, last night I managed to start a couple of things, so let me share.

I really love these art journals I see around these parts. Specifically, Norah'S. I have no idea how she does those, even though I study her many pictures of them. It's really the insides that have me befuddled...and they seem to be made out of old books. I've tried covering some blank journals with tissue paper, but last night, in the spirit of Norah'S, I dove in and just painted a larger blank one with gesso. Something about covering up that pretty black cover is hard for me, but I did it. ;) This is just the beginning...and most likely the page out of my son's coloring book is going to get painted over thrice...but it gave me inspiration and that's what counts.

Then I moved on (or did I do it first?) to a little 8x8 canvas panel. I wanted to continue the idea of the previous doodle, but the moon didn't work out right and I painted over it already. I seem to have a fascination w/ fields at the moment...and I always love clouds. This too will most likely change quite a bit. Or maybe not. Sometimes simplicity is good, and at the very least this painting is helping me work out that same idea of painting this type of thing on my very large canvas that I have.

Go check out other links to people being creative every day! Or every other day....or week....heh!


Leah said...

no worries!! aedm is all about no-pressure fun!

i too, love big open spaces like fields. great work! and i love what you've done with the book cover so far!

i'm truly in awe of mom's with young ones who find any time to create. i can imagine what a challenge that would be, so give yourself a pat on the back! xox

daisies said...

i have been feeling distinctly uncreative the past couple of days but i think it is due to lack of time, i really need to find some time to try some new things ... i've always wanted to do an altered book :)

you inspire me ... xox

Princess Haiku said...

Your work is very bright and creative. Later in your life, when the little ones are older, you will wonder how the hours fled so fast. The artwork or journals you manage to do in these special years will be all the more precious.