Wednesday, October 24, 2007

carving the pumpkin

Okay, so this isn't a "self portrait" since my husband took the picture, but I have been in a funk beyond funks lately (that if you really want to know about I would suggest reading this entry, among others, over at my xanga. Which is where I first started blogging so I still tend to write posts there that talk more about my personal life. Whereas I'm always shooting for posting more "artistic" endeavors over here. However, ultimately, I think I'm just being silly, but I haven't come up with a solution yet.) AND figuring out something to do w/ food and a picture of me has not been on the top of my list.
BUT, H. just came and found me and asked me if we could carve the pumpkin into a jack o lantern now, and I had to agree! He was just so sweet in the asking, and this was the first time he came and asked me to carve a pumpkin in his little four year old life. He's watched before, but this was really a special occasion to me having him ask so earnestly and hopeful. And pumpkin is edible...even if it isn't necessarily in this form. But I will be toasting pumpkin seeds later tonight! Perhaps I'll post a pic of that later if I get inspired.
Fall is here, it is gorgeous, and life is better than a hell of lot other I should be eternally grateful for that. I'm hoping the winds of Halloween will pick up my spirits even more and my mood will improve. It's usually in the throes of feeling depressed like this at this time of year, that I suddenly have it pop into my head that, yes indeed, my father passed away on Halloween/All Saints Day seven years ago. No wonder I'm in a funk, on a emotional level at least.
I wish a very happy Halloween to all of you that celebrate it! And a most special All Saints, All Souls, and Dia De Los Muerto's (my father's favorite holiday)!

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platinum blonde said...

while it isn't a self portrait, it is a wonderful photo nonetheless! i hope you get out of funk soon!

daisies said...

funks are so hard to break free of ~ hopefully november is freeing for you :)

great pumpkin fun!! hugs!!