Monday, September 10, 2007


I love happy accidents.
Been lamenting the fact that my husband took the camera with him on his trip, so I had no camera for playing with selfportraitchallenge this week. But I thought to buy some polaroid one step film for the one we found in the garage...but it doesn't work because apparently the one we found is older than the prototype. And then my son found his fisher price camera that his aunt had given him. (His aunt gives him all the cool stuff.) Some new batteries and voila'! Does anyone have one of these? It takes these not so great pictures, but that make me think of the Woolworth's photo booth from my childhood or something. For one thing it has a flash that I can't seem to figure out how to turn it flashes at unsuspecting moments. H. and I have been having fun playing with it. This was my favorite one today. I didn't do a thing to it... I just like the light and the happy little head of my son bouncing up and down and trying to get the camera from me. (Only you can't see that part because it's just a photograph...) :)


daisies said...

fun!! no, i don't have one but now i soooo want one, lol :)

L.M.Noonan said...

I used to love those funny little cameras that you could use with gameboys.

faye said...

This reminds me of that movie Happy Accidents with marissa Tomei. Have you seen it? It is beyond weird, but worth watching.

I like how, if I disappear for awhile, when I come back it is like a week or two worth of presents to "unwrap." And this is as far as I've gotten, so I've got some reading to do... :)

I miss Manhattan, by the way.

or, maybe I just think I do.