Sunday, September 23, 2007

"She came in through the bathroom window...."

I came to the realization that I was going about this all wrong.
I concentrate so much on what my feelings are when I'm looking at a picture of myself, and not paying much attention to the shape of things. So to speak.
When you look at things from an actor's point of view, you are looking at them from an emotional standpoint, always. When you look at things from an artist's point of view you can include shape and line and color into that perspective.
They create the drama. The action is here.

more spc's here.


platinum blonde said...

cool series!!!

Rebekah said...

I like your use of color & the subtlety of the little mirror - nice!

hollibobolli said...

are you wearing pigtails?

this was really interesting.. I liked your words - they really pulled me into the pics.

daisies said...

wow ~ i love this series moving towards the sway of the end. wonderful :)