Tuesday, August 07, 2007


I haven't participated in ArtWords for a long time now, but in keeping w/ my new found passion for ATC's, I created one just for it. I would like to give credit where credit is due first of all though....Pattie Mosca (check her out!) participates in InspireMeThursday challenges by creating little 4"x4" drawings for each subject suggested. She left a kind comment on one of my post's that led me to her, and I discovered that she came up w/ this idea of always using that size to create something based on the prompt. When she's "all done" she's going to put the little 4x4's into a book. What a cool idea! For whatever reason, this was the door that opened or the light bulb that went on for me about how I could regularly commit to participating in these prompts that are given through these various sites. They're a great exercise, and the suggest words that perhaps I'm just not going to think about on a daily basis...or when I'm at the drawing table so to speak. I've had trouble being consistent w/ these challenges because sometimes an idea or a canvas just takes too much or too long and presto, the week is over and it's off to the races w/ a new one. So this idea really sparked me. I've noticed that it has helped in so many other ways too, regarding my art. But those are all pieces to be shown on another day as they are finished. I even have an idea up my sleeve for an ATC for SelfPortraitChallenge...but that's a horse of a different color.

So for ArtWords the prompt is "internalize"...that immediately made me think of my black paper for some reason...so I dug it out and cut up some 2.5x3.5 chunks and started in... Only wait, what happened here? I suddenly got all simple like. Sometimes simple is best, no?

watercolor pencils

just a note: Those white specks you see if you enlarge the photo are due to my apparent inability to properly clean my scanner. Oh. Well. ;)

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Bee said...

I really like this, the contrast between the black and the light from the window makes me think of being deep in thought and internalising. The simplicity is fantastic. Love it!!