Friday, July 20, 2007


(I posted this originally to my xanga....but I thought I'd get feedback here, in case there's anyone here that might like to give feedback...which is probably two people that ever look at this blog past spc's. :) Of course I haven't given it much love...but I'm still struggling w/ it being any different than my other one. Or necessary.)

This is my life...unfinished. (Well, I guess it should be "unfinished" when I think about it. ) I started this painting months ago....a very good example of my painting out my feelings. I guess I would have to classify myself as an expressionist based on this one alone. But as usual, I got interrupted and had to leave it. Since I was painting it on my dining room table, and I'm supremely lazy, I simply hung it up on the wall on an empty nail. And there it stayed.
One day the FEMA lady came over...or a lady who works for a company that gets paid by FEMA I should say....anyway, she came to inspect the damage to our basement after the flood we had. She was absurdly complimentary about my paintings...which was really nice, of course. What was interesting to me was that this was her favorite one. I didn't bother to tell her it wasn't finished. She kept coming back to it. I thought it was curious, actually...another great example of how you can never really tell how art is going to affect people.
It's actually too big for my scanner, so I thought I'd play w/ piecing it together off a couple of scanned images. I can see the line though....
Anyway, sometimes a way to kick start my art is to here you go. But what I want to know is what you think? Finished or unfinished? My dad would tell me that he wouldn't want to express and opinion because it would be up to me. Okay, that was usually about poetry, but answer was always the same. I most certainly won't listen to you if I decided that I want to keep messing w/ it. But I always love feedback. So express away...finished? Or not?

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