Monday, July 23, 2007

Self Portrait Challenge~Elements~Water

Outside looking in.
Heh. I feel like that often. I told an old friend that at the pool the other day and they told me that everyone feels like that. We all come late to the party. Or at least that's the way it feels. An interesting observation from a man that I secretly wonder if he ever thinks anything deep. I guess I've got my answer. Funny how you can know someone for years and still not know too much about them.
I probably looked like a fool taking this shot. It was pouring outside and I set my camera up on a tripod on the inside of the back porch and then would set the timer and run outside and look in...or dance....or generally be silly. This one ended up being my favorite. I was shielding my face from the rain w/ my hand, but it turned out to look more like a salute, I thought.
What I discovered being out there was something I already knew. I could stand in the rain all day.
My son helps me rediscover that....
It reminds me of a poem that I have written down in my handwriting from when I was a kid. It's one of those old pieces of memorabilia that makes me wonder if I wrote the poem or if I simply copied it to practice handwriting:

"April's a month of rain and sun.
Wading in puddles is so much fun!"

The rain makes me think of childhood. Of not having fear. When you're little you just want to go play in the rain...sink your feet in the puddles. You don't care about the lightning and the thunder. You don't care about catching a cold. Your thoughts and actions are free as the wind. Rejuvenating as the rain. Fresh as the sun. You(th) are on fire!

So here I am outside looking in. The rain pouring on me. I am in my element and as happy as can be.

Writing this makes me want to share this husband took these of me and H. playing in the rain a week or so ago. If it's raining where you are right now...I suggest you go outside. :)

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kristen said...

i thought your photo looked like you were peeking inside from the rain - evocative.

L.M.Noonan said...

It was'nt immeadiately clear to me, I registered the wet Miriam bit but I was more flummoxed about the expression on your face which is lot more interesting to me. I like the photo.

Janet said...

I like how the droplets frame your face and the glimmer of refelection, summer rain is such fun...

daisies said...

how wonderful :)

i have been known to twirl in the rain ~ nothing better ;)