Friday, July 27, 2007

Illustation Friday~Moon

IF's prompt this week is "moon". I admit I already did this, obviously, as it's only 8:15 in the morning on Friday for me. :) And, there's no way I painted something that fast. I immediately thought of this one could I not? What I like about this one is how simple it is. I think I am given to trying to hard to complicate the issue when it comes to my art. I think I have to add something else to each and every thing I create....when sometimes it's okay to just be. I also like the texture of the moon in this one. I was going to put this in my art show I had in March, and then it was the first one to get deleted because of some issue that I can't even remember anymore...I think I'd forgotten hooks on some other one I really wanted up or something. I've also been meaning to list this one in my etsy shop for months now and have procrastinated. So here it sits on my computer desk where it's been sitting for at least a good month or two. Staring at me. I love looking for the moon last thing before I go to bed at night, and I noticed how pretty it was last night....full or almost full and shining light everywhere. This painting is supposed to be a representation of how a harvest moon looks to me. When I was younger and foot loose and fancy free, I would go driving and follow the moon when it looked like this on this one stretch of highway outside of town. Sigh. The moon is such a pretty thing, for such a big rock!


Anonymous said...

Great colours.. good job.

Laura Stamps said...

You have a talent for abstract art. Has anyone ever said that to you? I'm talking about your color sense. Kandinsky and Diebenkorn are some of my favorite abstract artists. Their work in genius IMO. Most people know Kandinsky is the artist credited with inventing abstract art. What most people might not know is he didn't set out to create abstract art. What he was trying to do was paint the spiritual realm. I think that's why many of his best paintings are so lovely and colorful. Interesting and exciting tidbit for a Pagan to chew on, isn't it?

Anyway, I can see you creating a new series of abstract Goddess paintings of the moon (since the Moon is one of the symbols for the Goddess) in a kind of Diebenkorn/Kandinsky abstract way, channeling all of your love for the moon through your colorful palette. Sounds like big fun, doesn't it?!!

platinum blonde said...

i love the texture in this!!!