Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Woman ~ Artwords

This topic is a good one for me...I can incessantly draw and paint pictures of women. I suppose I'll be in trouble if prompted to create a man. ;) Ah, maybe that is the whole point...perhaps I should work w/ what I don't know how to do? I'll start w/ my husband's face. He has a good face. But for now, the subject is still "woman".
It does so happen that I used a new medium. Well, semi new...I've dabbled w/ gouache before but never dove in full throttle and committed to it. At one point I wanted to use some blue acrylic because my blue gouache was so dried out that I had to put a wet paint brush to it to draw out what I could. R. and I were talking about how I got this set of gouache at a yard sale a loooonnngg time ago now. I like to do that, too...collect supplies. (You know, I've got a tub of old crayons w/ the thought that I could use them to color wax if I ever got into making candles....I've been thinking this for way too many years to count now.)
So the mere mention of the word "gouache" set my husband to talking and thinking about Francesco Clemente . I had never heard of this guy....perhaps R. had because he has an architectural background? His paintings are him and click on some of his images. And, apparently, he used gouache a lot. I have much more to learn about this guy, but I could immediately relate to him. Maybe because he is self taught?
So this is my first experiment in gouache. I like the feel of it, and the chalkiness of it. It's interesting to try and work w/ it to learn how it will behave and what it will and will not do for you. I think it has a bit more control than watercolors....but is still just as "temporary". Do one thing wrong and it will be gone. My camera is broken so I had to scan this to get an image of it for you...and the painting is on 11x15 watercolor paper so it got cropped off on the edges (you can't see where I really signed it for instance), but there isn't too much more to it than this, so it'll do.


dougt said...

This is very nice. There's some very neat blending going on around edges. Thanks for the tip on Francesco Clemente, too. He does have some really interesting stuff.

royce said...

I think you should make a habit of scanning the images that will fit on the scanner. You get a crispness that more accurately depicts the beauty of your paintings.

I just wish you understood that anything more than circles and lines is pure vanity.

L.M.Noonan said...

Dear Miriam, I love Clemente's work too...but for some reason I have not thought about him for a couple of years until reading your post. have you ever watched a modern version of Dicken's "Great Expectations" starring Ethan Hawke, Gwyneth Paltrow, Anne Bancroft and Robert De Niro? Ethan playes a pinter and who's paintings feature throughout the film...why Francesco's. I was prompted to google the movie a minute ago and am mildly surprised to learn that it was directed by Alfonso Cuaron? Who's that i hear you ask, well at the atart of the week I watched "Children of men". I loved it AND it was directed by Cuaron.
I love synchronicity.
I like your blog too.
Loretta Miriam Noonan