Monday, April 16, 2007

SPC Body Parts Three


I thought I might talk about my hair this week for SPC body parts week three. I wanted to talk about how my hair usually looks like crap because it's pretty long and it just gets put up into a ponytail or similar like do every day. Easier that way. Of course, the photo turned out making my hair look pretty fabulous as I had just pulled the bun it was in, down. I look at this photo and think wow! I have pretty hair! It ain't so usually, it just ain't so. I have a thing about my hair...I still refer to it as being blonde. I think that it is blonde most always. It was blonde when I was a kid, but it's been awhile, and I've been in denial awhile. I don't have much desire to color it though. I look at this photo and think I never realized how red it is. My dad had a red beard. My uncle had red hair. I, however, have only colored my hair red. Maybe it's the light? One thing is for ain't blonde. (Okay, enough with the aint''s just so much fun! It makes me feel naughty since, as a child, ain't was most definitely not in the dictionary.) I thought I'd take this photo for posterity too, because I've been feeling a haircut coming on. I have on more than one occasion in my life grown my hair to this length, or longer, and then taken a fancy to cut it off pixie cut short. It's been awhile since I've done that...I think 1997 was it actually, now that I think about it. I have cut my hair short or medium many times in that ten years, but it's been a gradual's been ten years since I've gone and cut it short short from lonnnnngggg. I'm sure I would enjoy it. The feeling is tremendous...especially on a windy day. But ten years has been a long time now. Not so long when you're twenty....a little longer tipping over forty. What looked good then might not anymore. And then there's that paranoia about it not growing back this just never know... The face isn't in the same place anymore. And then I thought maybe I should post this photo instead.


I mean the prompt did ask for bits and pieces...ugly and what not...didn't it? Something on that order... So here I am laying it out for you. Yeah, it's two what. I am taking you through a little journey of my thoughts. The photo of my hair seems almost fake next to this one. This is neck is doing that now, my skin is losing it's elasticity, I can't help but have the thought that a forty one year old would have which is that I am not pretty anymore...because I do not have the wisdom of fifty to make me realize that it's all pretty.
It's all good. We are the sum of all of our parts. We are a celebration.



Colorsonmymind said...

I like this post. I too have long hair that I often put up. It seems to get in the way if I don't. I have a two year old little boy. Your baby is so precious.

I too have been concidering cutting my hair-but it doesn't look very good short so I am stuck.

i also like the second pic-as I have seen this loss of elasticity as well in some piucs and I too have yet to reach the age where I realize it is all beautiful. I am still at the mourning stage of my youth:)

Glad you posted a brve pic.

gay said...

oh my! i have both of those things going on...the neck and the hair. my hair is too too long and very gray and my neck is wrinkled which i hate i don't mind my hair though i think of cutting it short often but then i love putting it in a pony tail and it is out of the way short hair is nevr out of the way you know i dn't lie about this! i cana't wait to see what you decide!

Deb G said...

I was going to comment on how much I liked your piece for Inspire Me Thursday, but then I happened to read your post on your hair and just had to say how perfectly you expressed my feelings about how I feel about my hair too, right down to the paranoia that it won't grow back if I cut it short!

Thanks for your feedback on my Inspire Me Thursday post. It's fun knowing there was another Sukie cat out there.

Rhonna said...

I have the same blonde/brown issue. Kirk is highly amused. A friend was over and asked where the boys got their light hair. After he left I wailed, "You mean you can't even tell I used to have blonde hair?" Kirk was highly amused. Love the blog. Rhonna