Monday, April 02, 2007

Hey, let me introduce myself....

I haven't done an InspireMeThursday challenge in quite a long while it seems. Every week a new theme comes up and I think "oh that sounds like so much fun...I'll do...", and then I never do. Time passes so...
I don't know why it's so.
I'll tell you a secret.
I started this blog because I felt like I should create a separate place for posting my artwork. I felt like I was clogging up the works on my "real" blog. I started a xanga blog a long time ago now and not for any of the reasons that would have anything to do w/ art. I think I've discovered an art world in blogging along the way, that I'm not sure I've really fully realized until very recently.
In the meantime...I slowly stopped creating much since I created this blog. It feels cold to come here and merely post art and hardly ever say anything. Or not ramble like I do on my xanga. Of course, I let xanga go too for a bit. I moved into a new house, (and the first one we ever bought) for one thing...and that admittedly took up a lot of my time.
I don't feel the same cold feeling, just that perhaps that I have...neglected. I've been neglecting myself mainly. At least my artistic self.
And now I'm settling back into life at a comfortable pace, and I'm finding that itch to create something calling my name. It seems, in a way, that it's calling because it wants to be shared. That is the beauty of this blog world to me is that it gives me that opportunity to continually meet new people and be inspired by new people. And the people are from all over...which continually amazes me. How lucky we are to be able to travel so far, so quickly.
But here I was feeling guilty...for being cold feeling (at least to me).
So here I am.

I have been inspired by looking at so many artists online who collage. I've never been one to dabble too much in collage, but am always collecting things that I think would work themselves nicely into things. I've been wanting to make some hand made cards and to this extent bought some blank ones to work on...however, I somehow got blank ones that are just half sheets of card stock w/ giant envelopes to go with them. Probably used for wedding invites. That's what I get for buying on sale. ;) Never to waste I did this, and glued extra cards to the back. I'm not sure it's a card anymore...but it could be. I call this "The Secret of Childhood". It's a copy of a photo of my mom and grandma along w/ some other little tidbits...lots of tissue and glaze. I had a lot of fun w/ making this.


platinum blonde said...

beautiful colors

Crafty Green Poet said...

this is lovely - I really like how you've managed to make the scene seem set away in memory somehow.