Tuesday, July 18, 2006



This week inspiremethursday wants us to create some art using numbers that have meaning to us. All of the numbers I put into this have some sort of significance to me and my life. I discovered that this was a great exercise for me to just get into the groove of working on art again. I know I've said it before, but each new thing I do gets me thinking in new or old directions that had been dormant for a good amount of years now. This particular task got me doodling again, and then as I was going along w/ it I got to some points here and there where I wasn't really too happy with it but instead of tossing it for lack of "perfection", I kept at it for "practice". There is a danger when you sell stuff that you start to look at each piece as a possible way to buy another box of mac and cheese...or whatever. I was fortunate that I was able to sell some of my old paintings because, at the time, the money got me things I really, really needed like money to move across state, or an alternator for my disfunctional car. But it also had the effect of stopping me in my tracks...unable to create for fear of it not being "good enough". Yeah, believe it or not I had all of these sorts of realizations as I was fooling around w/ this silly thing. Now I'm not going to lie...I would still love to make money with my art. But this piece and this project of IMT is doing wonders for my psyche to just "let go" and have fun again and practice, practice, practice. The good pieces will come...and they will sell if they need to. Or I will sell them. If someone likes my art, whether they can afford a dime or a thousand dimes, that is the great thing! That I am in a happy place in creating again....is even better.

more great art here!

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melanienyc said...

this is really well done! love the colors!