Wednesday, July 12, 2006

inspire me thursday - image transfer

This was new, and kind of hard for me. It was easy in some ways, but hard for me in a personal sort of way that I wasn't expecting. I guess that was ultimately good for me. I had an incredibly difficult time carving out time to do it as well, but I forced myself. I made several things...forgive me...but sitting around waiting for some stuff to dry led to fooling around with other stuff. I have another "larger" thing in mind that I want to do but I'm not going to be able to finish by the "deadline". I am very happy that I did this...interesting stuff.

I have a box that whenever I'm done painting something in acrylics I will take any extra paint I have and load it on to this box...this gave me a direction to finish it finally.

I also made some cards...

The last one was my best effort at doing the inkjet transparency. I don't know if I had the wrong kind of film or what, but every time I tried that method it would moosh all into the gel, no matter how thinly I applied it. My husband helped me figure out that if I just skipped the gel and burnished it on it would come out like this. I want to try using this image and doing a transfer with turpentine and a photocopy. (It's an old photo of my mom as a little girl and my grandma...) :) The rest of the transfers are all sticky tape. That method worked best for me. Oh, and clear contact paper.


himavant said...

hi miriam! great that you made several experiments of image transfer. i really liked the work and the result. i would like to try to transfer to 3D thing, not paper, like your box. great!

thanks for stepping by!

mbc said...

I like how the image of you mother and grandmother turned out. It's faint but it's very nice. I also like the colors and layout. Thanks for the comment on my Inspire Me Thursday and Studio Friday piece. :-)

shannonjyl said...

i love your work!
my favourite is the first card!