Monday, June 26, 2006

selfportraitchallenge-pop art week 4


anne said...

Now...this looks like a new blog just waiting to bloom! I'll be interested to see what blossoms here. =)

Thank you for your encouraging comment on my rather non-existent studio and painting.

Someday...we'll both have real studios. *sigh* =)

(I have a Neal and an Erica and a Noel and an Elani...names are funny and they connect people in the oddest ways sometimes)

Tammy said...

They are all creative and expressive, but #1 is my favorite because I can see more of you :)

Warrior Wife

Turquoise CRO said...

OOOOOoooOOOO!! I LOVE the blue!!! Very cool!!!

JC said...

Another blog? You're hard to keep up with! ;)

Love the pics.

Alexa said...

All very neat. COol that you played around with so many different ideas. Love the layering.

amity said...

I like the first one best.